Stay Present: Using the Transformative Power of Art to Raise the Awareness of Being Present

An Exhibition Allows You to Interactively Explore a Peaceful Space Through Art


This exhibition uses the transformative power of art to raise your awareness of being present with yourself, with the others, and with the public environment. It is also trying to push the boundaries of traditional art museum exhibition, exploring a new way of interpreting artwork through creating a unique and experiential experience for you. It displays a series of experiential art installations in various individual galleries. The whole environment of the exhibition reflects a sense of calm and peace.

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Exhibition Experience designed by Yi Li
Seeking Exhibition Experience Design Contract or Full-time Opportunity



Find out about the experience and the meaning of Stay Present.

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Your donation allows us to connect people and create mindful exhibit around the world. We create exhibition with our partners, artists, designers, and mindfulness practitioners in seeking the most effective way to raise the awareness of being present through art.

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