Stay present means that you experience when you are completely at peace with this very moment.

In modern society, many of us go through all the noise in our mind, Sometimes we find we have difficulty to stay in the present moment. How to be present turns out to be an important thing in our time.

This exhibition is using the transformative power of art to raise your awareness of being present. It’s also trying to push the boundaries of traditional art museum exhibition, exploring a new way of interpreting artwork through creating a unique and experiential experience for you.

  • Putting you into the center of the experience
  • Influencing a slow motion through immersive art experience
  • Exploiting bodily experience as a form of information

The exhibition will help you with increasing understanding of oneself and others and developing a capacity for self-reflection, and eventually altering behaviors and thinking pattern.

The exhibition is divided into different exhibit areas. Each exhibit area takes you through the essential components of mindfulness sequentially. Each exhibition area has different quality, but they all maintain a feeling of calmness and peace.

  • Introduction Area: Notice Surroundings
  • Pathway: Reset Thoughts
  • Exhibit Area A: Raise Questions
  • Exhibit Area B: Develop Self-awareness 
  • Exhibit Area C: Reconnect Disconnected

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There is only one time that is important – NOW.
It is the most important time because it is the only time that we have any power.
— Leo Tolstoy


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Exhibit Precedences


Experience the Method

Experience the Method—An Exploration of Being Present exhibition, Terra Comunal – MAI, SESC Pompeia, São Paulo, Brazil. May 10 2015. This exhibition introduced Abramovic Method, the method is an exploration of being present in both time and space. Visitors will learn and then practice a series of Method exercises that focus on breath, motion, stillness, and concentration from each section.

quiet morning.png

Quiet Morning workshop

The Museum of Modern Art, New York. MOMA offered this workshop before the museum opening time. Visitors can sit on the bench to look and consider the artwork. Also, this session is aimed at creating serenity for museum goers through teaching meditation techniques. It was a way for visitors to access inspiration, creativity, to connect the world.


Pipilotti Rist: Pour Your Body Out

Marron Atrium, second floor, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, November 19, 2008 - February 2, 2009 MoMA commissioned the Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist to provocatively create a monumental site-specific multimedia installation that immerses the Museum’s Marron Atrium. Visitors can experience the artwork while walking through the space or sitting upon a seating island. Pour Your Body Out expresses the artist’s wish to reconcile viewers with the perception of their own bodies and the surrounding environment.